About 簡介

Jenny Suen is a writer, producer, and film director. She was born and raised in Hong Kong.

The White Girl is her first feature film as a director. She wrote, produced, and co-directed it with legendary cinematographer Christopher Doyle. It stars Joe Odagiri and Angela Yuen in a tropical-noir love story set in the last fishing village of Hong Kong. It has screened at countless festivals worldwide, including a world premiere at at the BFI London Film Festival, was nominated for a NETPAC award at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, not to mention that it closed the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival and had a special presentation at the Singapore International Film Festival, where it was lauded as an “accomplished first feature from Suen, [heralding] the coming of a new director with the potential to add truly unique offerings to the Hong Kong film canon.”

Talking White, a book of words and images chronicling the creative process behind the film, was the best-selling arts book at Eslite when it was published. 

Suen also produced Hong Kong Trilogy, a cinematic portrait of the city’s residents in childhood, youth, and old age, which was also directed by Doyle. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015.

She studied at the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated summa cum laude, was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and named Dean’s Scholar, a distinction given to the top ten students of the graduating class. She received her B.A. and M.A. in Comparative Literature, Political Science, and East Asian Languages and Civilisation, but not in Life.


《白色女孩》是她執導的第一部電影長片。此部影片是她攜手傳奇攝影師杜克風一同撰寫、制作以及聯合執導完成的作品。這部熱帶黑色現代愛情童話發生在香港最後一座漁村裏,由演員小田切讓和袁澧林出演 。《白色女孩》已在全球無數電影節進行過展映,包括在倫敦國際電影節進行了全球首映,在台北金马影展获得NETPAC奖项提名,並作為閉幕影片在香港亞洲電影節展映。在新加坡國際電影節的特別展映期間,該片獲此贊譽:“白海導演帶來了一部充分展現出才華的長篇處女作… 一位有潛力為香港影片史添上濃重一筆的新人導演就此崛起”。



白海以最優等成績畢業於賓夕法尼亞大學 ,在校期間,曾入選美國歷史最悠久的學術榮譽協會Phi Beta Kappa並被授予年級前十名的學者榮譽。她在學業生涯中修得了比較文學,政治科學,東亞語言與文明的學士及碩士學位,但對她來說,人生仍是一門在修課程。